Home educators day

On Friday, October 4th, we will kick off a new children’s ministry for the church. This outreach invites local families who are educating their children to come together for a fun day that is driven by our desire to build a stronger community and to love our neighbors. There are many circumstances that may influence a family's decision to home educate their child. Usually, the parents feel their child needs more one on one time. Sometimes it is for medical reasons, sometimes it is because their child is experiencing delays and is losing self-esteem and other times it may be because their child is advancing faster than the class. No matter theirreason, ‘home-schooling’ takes courage.

There are many resources available these days, and many regional activities for them to participate in. But one thing they are often lacking is a smaller supporting community close to home. This outreach will help support these families in and around Lake Ann with a fun day to come together in a one-room schoolhouse fashion where no matter the age or I.Q. we will all enjoy each other’s company,support each other in our challenges, and celebrate each other's accomplishments.

This ministry is intended to support everyone in our community who home educates. We do hope that participants will come regularly through the entire school season. This is not a drop-off program and all ages will be invited to take part in all aspects. When we sit down to a meal together, we will all sit down to the meal together. The day will include learning in the following areas and more: cooking, nature, science, literature, brain-building exercises, science, and art. The activities will take place in the village church on Fridays during the school year from 10 am to 4 pm.

I am so thankful that Lake Ann United Methodist Church will be reaching so many young families in this loving way. If anyone would like to learn more they can contact me, Julie Tuthill at 231-342-0012.



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